Cuddly Cats Rescue and Sanctuary - Saving sick, injured, abused and neglected cats
Our Generous Sponsors

A big thanks goes out to Royal Canin for providing us with adoption kits, food and other pet related items for our fundraisers.  Royal Canin has been the cat food of choice for the Cuddly Cats Rescue for over 10 years.  We've tried a lot of the other foods but nothing compares to the quality of Royal Canin.  Our cats love it and because it is so nutrient dense, they require less of it to fulfill their nutritional requirements. Royal Canin has the Cuddly Cats purrrrring!!!  

Global Pet Foods
789 Taunton Rd. E.
Taunton & Harmony

A huge thank you goes out to Kim Mitchell and her staff for making us the recipients of the Show Us Your Heart Campaign in 2013.  Their kindness and generosity is evident in how they help all of their customers. Stop by the store.  You'll be amazed at the selection and the outstanding service!

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