Cuddly Cats Rescue and Sanctuary - Saving sick, injured, abused and neglected cats
How it all Started!               
We started providing homes to stray, injured and homeless cats in 1990.  It all started when Winston would show up at the back door every few days.  He was a scruffy, old tom cat who had clearly spent much of his life on the streets.  He would eat about 4 servings of food at one sitting and then disappear for days. 
Injured cats are provided with veterinary care and a loving home
Then one day, he showed up with an infected wound in his throat.  We knew immediately that we needed to help him.  We brought him inside, took him to the vet, and that was the start of our passion for rescuing sick, injured, abused and neglected cats. 
Many cats that are rescued come with illnesses that require constant careOver the years, we have rescued and provided a loving home for cats with Cardio Myopathy (a degenerative heart disease), FIV (the feline equivalent of HIV), kidney failure, Hyperthyroidism, Cancer, Diabetes and a variety of Gastro Intestinal disorders.                      
The Devastating Fire
In 2005, a fire ravaged our shelter.  We were left with nothing but the structure of the building.  The worst day of our life, 36 cats perished in the fire.   

You can never get over such a tragedy.  The immense grief and sadness experienced that day was only exacerbated by the difficulty we had finding a place for the cats to stay while the shelter was being re-built.
We had to start over.  New beds, cat carriers, toys, blankets all needed to be bought.  And now...we were dealing with a whole new set of health concerns.  The cats that survived the fire were exposed to many toxins.  In the years following the fire, we have seen over 15 cats with severe stomatitis requiring full mouth extractions, pharyngeal cancer, squamis cell carcinoma and even FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

The Cuddly Cats Policies
We try to focus our rescue efforts on cats that are sick, injured, abused, neglected or feral.  However, if the cat you are looking to place with us does not fall into one of those categories, please call us to discuss your circumstances.

In most circumstances, the cats that enter our shelter are considered unadoptable or would otherwise have been euthanized.  Therefore, they are not generally a cat that could easily be adopted.

What's Required to Surrender a Cat
The cats in our rescue are not confined to cages.  They are allowed to free roam.  Because of that, any new cats being accepted into the shelter must undergo a series of tests and procedures at our vet clinic.  Therefore, a surrender fee does apply.

  • We will assume all medical expenses after your cat has been surrendered to our rescue.
  • Once a cat has been surrendered to our rescue, you give up full rights to your cat.  All decisions regarding the well being of your cat are made by the directors of the rescue.

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